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For kids and schools:

Photo: Danny Pelchat
A cavalcade of circus acts and multidisciplinary performances staring "Ben la Barouette".

Ben Ranger with an experience built by over 2,000 career shows, proposes this typical "new world" character with a clowning skill totally out of the ordinary. You will find in this show the following elements:

A travelling trunk, where emerges accessories of all kinds, which Ben transforms at will in his dream like unending fantasy world. Featuring:
• A bubble bath act with crystal ball juggling (speed and concentration out of this world)
• Juggling hat (unique)
• Chinese stick juggling (a 2000 year old juggling invention)
• Europeen clubs ( juggling and picture creation with objects )
• Floating cigar boxes (magic or control?)
• Juggling rings (with crowd participation)
• The unicycles (with public participation)
• Fire manipulation (spectacular)
• The final... (ENCORE!).

This show is a rare opportunity to see this internationally recognised clown-performer in action. We should keep in mind that Benoit Ranger is the holder of a Guinness world record for balancing 24 chairs on his chin, being also a bronze medallist at the prestigious Festival International des Cirques de Demain in Paris. His clown is a harmonious mix of white clown and the "Auguste" or red clown. A character of poetry as much known for his work for TV and cinema.

Duration: 45 minutes. Target audience: 3 to 10 year old.
Music: CD, mini disc or DAT.
Space: Adaptable
Lighting, stage, backdrop on request.
With band or musical track.

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For families and town celebrations:


photo: Les Clichés Daniel Messier


Out of a "huge" trunk, mystical characters discover a new dimension. The vitality of this curious bunch is contagious. The music, the poetry and the exuberance of those eccentric characters soon brighten up the every day dullness. Destination will soon blossom into a fantasmagorical adventure of circus discovery.

This is a subtle circus show where perilous acrobatics are harmoniously integrated to the more tender and poetic theatrical moments. With fantasy and humour the different acts roll on frenetically over a jumpy and bright Dixie music.

The « Transporteurs de Rêves » is one of the first circuses to demonstrate its comfortable performing style either on stage or on the traditional circus ring. Destination is a multidisciplinary show that is flexible and adaptable to parks, arenas, gymnasium or any other public space. As artistic director of the "Transporteurs de Rêves" Benoit Ranger as established a show that is flexible enough, so as to integrate it like a dream into your events needs and objectives.

Since 1987, the T.D.R as compiled six production shows, organized and created in a collective approach. "Laughts, A love story, For the fun of performing, A circus story, Circus energy and The dream city".

Space: Adaptable to your space.
Lighting, stage, backdrop on request.
With either live band or musical track.

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Photo montage: 4rines Viens
Street show

Characters at times funny and sweet but mostly intriguing and colourful. Their humour is contagious, so are their intimate interaction with the audience. They are truly forming a crazy and friendly Bunch. Hold on to your hats! They are not taking any prisoners and certainly wont leave you indifferent. Like truly modern gipsies, they are carrying their enormous suitcase filled with their most prized fantasies.

In time of cut backs and small is beautiful, their suitcase seems to come strait from a comic strip! Right from the start the tone is set toward a most impressive display of acrobats, jugglers and clowns more than willing to make you part of their journey. You are invited to travel in a universe where sensibility, thoughts and emotions blend to make you part of the dream. The unusual travellers happily decorates your urban tissue with the magic and wonders like only a Dream Circus can.

Available scenarios:
• The Asylum party
• The pick-nick family
• Circus clip
• The crazy restaurant
• Schools out

• The barber from Panama
• Unicycle lesson
• Merenguay with Paul and Yvette
• The Nowhere band
• The chefs flambé

Humain pyramids

Cavalcade of acts:
• Solo and team bicycle
• Multiple juggling and manipulation of weird objects
• Crazy acrobatics, balancing on unconventionnal objects

Circus accessories:
• Mini trampoline
• Korean pole
• Trapeze hoop
• Tight rope
• Unicycle

The bing bang band" (Street Orchestra)

All street concepts are adaptable indoors with lights and sounds.

Benoit Ranger
Artistic Director
Pierre Duhaime
Assistant Artistic Director

For adults and cabarets:

Angels of dreams

If you want to create a special atmosphere by spicing up your event with some original cabaret performances. The T.D.R offers you some quality acts with subtle lighting. With devilish pace, a jazz diva, illusionist, audacious performers come to amaze your senses and fantasy.

Available acts:

The magician

Hand to hand balancing


Bird of fire
Trapèze - hoop

Ballet tango

The Polariod girls:

Photo: Patrice Meunier
When an evening climaxes into the fantastic and unforgettable, appears the polariod girls, with a cute click capturing the audiences complicity. A bouquet of humour and charm, courteous, all eyes and ears, always ready to capture the unforgettable moments. Stroling from table to table their friendliness is contagious and most welcomed. Whether your needs are for a solo, duo, trio...the Polaroid girls bring a refreshing breeze to all of your prestigious events.

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